Electronic Cigarette Suppliers are online retailers of some of South Africa’s leading brands of electronic cigarettes, box mods, e-liquids and herbal vapourizers. We also carry spares and consumable items. We sell vaping goods direct to the public and we deliver throughout South Africa. E-C-S – the home of South African vapers.

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E-C-S takes this opportunity to wish all customers and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you enjoy this holiday period with your loved ones.

Please note: We never close over any holiday period, but the new arrangement with us working together with other suppliers who do close (some as early as 12-12-17) may affect our stock availability. If we have the items you order on hand, we will send them, but if not then all other orders will only be processed and dispatched after 12th January 2018, when they re-open. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All parcels sent with the Post Office are registered items and you need to collect and sign for them at your Post Office. Couriers deliver to your door, not a postal address.

Please note: As of 12th June 2017 all e-cig/vaping online businesses have been classified as high risk with all credit card companies worldwide. Thus we and Payfast can no longer accept credit cards as payment.

We sell direct to the public and we deliver across South Africa. E-C-S sells e-cigarette, box mod, and herbal vapourizer starter packs for several models and brands. We also sell a full range of e-liquids. If you are looking for a cleaner, more convenient alternative to smoking, you are at the right place.

If you want a personal vapourizer, an electronic cigarette, or if you require spares for your existing electronic cigarette, use our online store for convenient ordering. These are all top of the range, good quality products. Vaping is here to stay!

We deliver throughout South Africa.

What is an Electronic Cigarette, or Personal Vapourizer?
An electronic cigarette is a non-flammable, electronic vapourizing device, that use advanced micro-electronic technology to atomize a nicotine solution (e-liquid), or a dry herb. These models of E-Cigarettes (also called Personal Vapourizers) use the latest technology.

vapingego3Vaping an eGo-T

Electronic cigarettes have not yet been proven totally safe and healthy although several tests point to a far safer conclusion. Several smaller studies have been conducted in various countries and although they haven’t yet found any definite proof that vaping is dangerous, few governments are totally satisfied that they are completely safe. We do not claim this and also do not sell them as devices proven to stop smoking.

They are purely a recreational alternative to smoking normal cigarettes and used purely for pleasure. It can still look and feel like you are smoking, without any smell of burning paper and tobacco to worry about. The vapour disintegrates into the atmosphere, so bystanders are safe from any poisonous smoke. In short, vaping devices are fun products and are convenient to any existing smoker.

smokingEcig3Super E-Cigarette vapour looks like real smoke

We offer a fairly comprehensive range of starter packs for all needs.

snoopdoggmicro3Snoop Dogg Micro Pen Dry Herb Vapourizer

Vaping Dry Herbs With The Titan II

Vaping Dry Herbs With The Titan II


We Love Vaping

We Love Vaping