Electronic Cigarette Suppliers is a family business, based in Hilton just outside Pietermaritzburg. It is the online sales division, part of the holding company Dersal Contracts, led by Derek and assisted by his wife Sally.

They have been involved in small businesses and internet marketing for several years. They run a string of websites and blogs on various topics. Derek writes articles for several article directories.

Derek has been involved with many businesses over the years and has experience in engineering, sales and marketing, production processes and management, amongst others. After a serious neck injury, he was no longer able to pursue these careers and turned to internet marketing instead.

Sally has always been a part of Derek’s business and oversees clerical duties and receive and dispatch functions within Electronic Cigarette Suppliers.

Clinton is a personal trainer and gym instructor inhis spare time and a pump specialist during work hours, but helps his parents with Electronic Cigarette Suppliers whenever he can.

Our Story
Derek suffered from bronchitis and cattarh most of his life. He smoked Texan plain for 16 years and then changed to pipe for the next 24 years. He consumed roughly 50 cigarettes a day and in later years always had the pipe in his mouth. Thats heavy smoking for 40 years!

Sally smoked Peter Stuyvesant blue for 36 years. She smoked 30 a day and only stopped for her 2 pregnancies.

Clinton never smoked and because of his healthy lifestyle, continually nagged his folks to quit.

In September of 2009, Derek had yet another bout of bronchitis. At night, he was wheezing and coughing and realised he had to quit smoking. Previous attempts to quit smoking had been unsuccessful and he had found the patch, gum and hypnosis useless. He had to stop, but was convinced that he actually enjoyed smoking.

Quite by chance, he spotted an advert in the You magazine for the NJoy electronic cigarette and was fascinated with the concept. Electronic cigarettes were still very new to South Africa and nobody seemed to know anything about them. Derek searched the internet and found the American website for NJoy. Through that, he found the South African contact details and the address of a local supplier. He rushed out and bought the NJoy starter pack. After the usual delays in charging batteries etc, he started with his new e-cig. Having been a pipe smoker, he found the strength, flavour and amount of smoke to be inadequate and investigated further. A friend had acquired a new Twisp electronic cigarette of the “fountain pen” variety. Although far more expensive, it seemed to produce more smoke. After further investigation, he discovered that NJoy also sold this type and he ordered one.

These were the old types of electronic cigarette, which used an atomizer and cartridge aqnd Derek was dissapointed that the cartridges only lasted an hour or two. He convinced Sally to take over the first e-cig (the one that looked like a cigarette) and he persevered with the pen model. Being a technical type of fellow and being innovative, it wasn’t long before Derek was making modifications in an effort to produce more smoke and increase the life of each cartridge. In his quest, he approached NJoy and enquired about refill liquid. They told him it was unavailable and made their warranty null and void. Derek continued experimenting with a few other models and brands and eventually found someone willing to supply refill liquid. He discovered how to clean and refurbish the cartridges and how to refill them, but he was not happy with the results.

After more investigation, he found an importer of a different type of electronic cigarette. He immediately ordered a starter pack and put it to the test. He found this model far superior and the supplier helpful. On the 26th October 2009, Derek disposed of his pipes and tobacco and comitted himself to only using his new electronic cigarette! Over the next 2 months, Derek sold these packs as an affiliate and kept asking the importer and the factory to effect small modifications and changes.

Derek never ever smoked any tobacco product since he committed himself to vaping, but Sally was only vaping part time. Derek convinced her to quit tobacco cigarettes and she too managed to quit that same day. Within a couple of weeks they both felt healthier and Derek had no more chest problems.

Encouraged by their success and the quality of this new model, they formed Electronic Cigarette suppliers and started helping other people to use this alternative to smoking and start vaping. The new model was the 4081, which went on to become very, very popular.

The 4081 had a couple of minor problems and Derek, his importer pal and the factory worked on resolving these issues. We also felt that the old atomizer and cartridge was imperfect and inadequate. We were the first to offer the newly produced cartomizer, which is a cheaper, disposable version, with an atomizer built in to the cartridge and a larger capacity of liquid. This lasted longer, was more robust and produced more vapour.

In March 2010 the new 4082, commonly known as the 2010 was made available to the public, coinciding with the start of the World Cup. From there on modifications were made to the 2020 model, but quality at the factory, who had now become very busy, was too erratic and Derek had to search for a new supplier. What he wanted was a model of constant high quality, latest technology, better priced and completely compatible with the former model. He refused to accept anything less and insisted that all former and existing customers were not inconvenienced and could rely on continuity.

Well, this led to the Super E-Cigarette range and they are very proud of their efforts and of this new model. They are still devoted to helping people to quit smoking and start vaping and love the positive feedback they constantly get from their customers.

The eGo-T range was added and the newer technology proved very popular, especially with heavier smokers due to the increased size of both the battery and the clearomizer tanks. At the end of 2013 the e-Slimz and Deluxe models were added. These work the same as the eGo, but are not quite as big. This filled the gap between the little Super E-Cigarettes and the eGo-T models.

As of February 2014, Electronic Cigarette Suppliers were awarded the status of authorised distributors of Dekang and Boge products across Africa. This enabled E-C-S to stock top of the range, high technology e-cigs, spares, shishas and both the Dekang Siver and Gold ranges of e-liquid. A new wholesale arm of the business was created.

Dissatisfaction with the supply and terms of the suppliers left E-C-S in a rather precarious position for more than a year, whereby they could not replenish sold stocks in smaller quantities and were forced to stock the entire range of products even though some of these did not sell. Things grew “stale” and E-C-S was left holding stocks they couldn’t sell.

Eventually in November 2017 a new working partnership began between E-C-S and importers based in Johannesburg. New products were introduced in smaller quantities and E-C-S was able to again offer their customers a bigger choice of new and upgraded products again. Our sales office moved to Hilton, but for easier logistics, it was decided to leave the products in a warehouse in Joburg and to dispatch all parcels from there.

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