Slimline Clearomizer

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The Slimline Clearomizer fits the Super E-Cigarette batteries and replaces the old cartomizers.

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Slimline Clearomizer

Now here is a nifty clearomizer to save the day. This is a compact clearomizer that fits the battery of the Super e-Cigarette in place of a cartomizer.

It holds 1.3ml which is equivalent to about 26 cigarettes. It can be refilled and works surprisingly well.

It has no replaceable coil, so is disposable. Use it until it wears out, discard and replace. Good advice is to always have a couple of these on hand, no matter which model you use.

Note: Sold as single unit.  Great to have as a back-up.

These are disposable units. Use while working and discard when it no longer works.

Transparent to show the level of the liquid to be seen.

Simply screws in to the battery. The liquid is visible so it is easier to know when to refill.

Colours: Available in blue or smokey charcoal.

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