Vapez e-Liquid Blackcurrant 30ml

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Vapez e-Liquid 30ml – Fruity berry taste.

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Vapez e-Liquid Blackcurrant 30ml

This is our own E-C-S in-house, locally made, South African brand of e-liquid.

Vapez comes in a 30ml dropper bottle.

Vapez e-liquids are made from only top-grade ingredients such as 99% pure nicotine, French flavouring and American Propylene Glycol.

Vapez e-liquids are manufactured with wholly natural ingredients for best taste and sensation, without the harmful elements found in regular cigarettes.

Our Vapez e-liquid can be used in almost any vaping device.

Composition is 70% Propylene Glycol and 30% Vegetable Glycerine.

Fruity, berry taste.

Strengths: (mg/ml).
18, 12, 6, 3, 0

Cigarettes show the nicotine content as a %. To equate e-liquid nicotine strength to cigarette nicotine strength, simply divide by 10 (18mg/ml is 1.8%)

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0, 12, 18, 3, 6