Charging hardware is covered by our 3 month warranty and batteries are guaranteed under our manuafacturer’s warranty, for 10 days (from date of dispatch). At our discretion, these items could be replaced, or repaired, provided the faulty unit is returned to us, at your expense and with proof of purchase. We will need to institute a formal claim with the suppliers or the factory and return the faulty unit to them for analysis.

If a battery or charger is faulty, speak to the agent or reseller that you bought it from. If this is not possible, contact us at Head Office. Cables are not normally replaced, as they are often damaged by twisting, pulling and other usage abuse.

In order that we accept returns, you will first need to complete an RMA request. To do this, you must send us an e-mail, with all relevant details. This must include proof of purchase and date purchased. Please note that consumable items (cartomizers, cartridges and liquid) will never be exchanged, credited or swopped, whether opened or still sealed. These items are exempt from our warranty and return policy. There is enough information and pictures on this website for us to assume you know what you are buying and do not accept returns, whether used or not.

Please familiarise yourself with the terms of our warranty, guarantees and return policies before making any claims.

Ideally you should send the parcel by registered mail, at your cost, as we will not have any way of knowing were the parcel may be, should it go missing in the post. Alternatively, send us the tracking number of the normal Post Office parcel, so we can trace it. When the item reaches us, we will assess the situation. If we feel there is a valid claim, we will return the battery to the suppliers or they will send it on to the factory and ask for an exchange. Their decision is final. Should you have any questions regarding our Product Return Policy, you can contact us.

See our Shipping Policy, Security Policy, Privacy Policy.

New: Exchanging faulty batteries can take a while. The system was that you send the unit to us. We then wait until there are enough to warrant the cost of sending them to the suppliers or directly to the factory in China and then waiting for a response. To shorten this whole process, assuming there is a legitimate claim and we agree that the unit is faulty, we have a new system: you notify us and send us the faulty unit. On your next order we include a new battery at half price(to cover costs). We forget about claiming from the factory. We have to insist that you send the faulty unit to us to avoid abuse of the system.

Please realise that our suppliers have the final say. If they feel that the item has been abused and is not covered, then that is it. There is nothing more we can do.

Note: We only consider Economy Parcel as the official shipping means for replacements and returns. If you want it quicker, you will be charged the appropriate shipping fee. Where ever possible, we will include the replacement items in the parcel of your next order.

ALL returns are to be sent directly to our Joburg warehouse and nt to our Hilton sales office.

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